Thread lifting facts you need to know
Apr 25, 2022

Thread lifts, a non-surgical procedure that uses barbed sutures to raise drooping skin, have gained a lot of attention due to the increased desire for non-invasive cosmetic rejuvenation procedures.

The apparent indications of ageing on the skin, such as loss of skin, suppleness, wrinkles, facial lines, etc., can cause a person's self-confidence to wane day by day, making them less confident. In the cosmetics business, thread lifting is a new fad since it allows for the immediate, natural-looking lifting of the face. Permanent threads in prior editions were notoriously tricky to work with, and the techniques used were frequently one-directional, resulting in an artificial, two-dimensional look.





In a thread lift, temporary sutures create a faint but noticeable "lift" in the skin. Rather than physically removing the patient's excess skin, a cosmetic surgeon uses stitches to hold the skin together.

The procedure is a must-see for everyone who wants to appear their best on camera when it comes to social media. But whether a thread lift is safe, effective, and worthwhile is a complicated issue.

Here are some of the facts about thread lifting to help you know your options and what to expect from the procedure:



The thread lift procedure is an ideal choice for those who want a quick recovery after surgery. Two days is all that is required for recovery following this procedure.


Thread lifts replicate the results of a facelift without the need for surgery. Based on the outcomes, a thread lift technique can be best performed at LA Cosmetique Royale in Kuwait.


The results of a thread lift surgery might differ significantly from person to person according to their age, skin type, and other variables.


A thread lift operation is far less expensive and more accessible than a facelift.


Thread lifts have a low level of risk due to their little invasiveness. This procedure is safe and does not leave scars or other issues in its wake. Patients may endure discomfort, infection, or the appearance of their sutures under their skin in rare instances.

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We give our clients a consultation with a renowned plastic surgeon to identify the best Thread lift procedure in Kuwait based on their situation. Before the Thread lift treatment, our doctor will do a presurgical assessment. Injectable or topical anaesthetics will also be administered to the patients. A big needle or cannula serves as a conduit into which the thread is preloaded. As soon as the "pilot hole" has been created, the scalpel or needle is used to make an incision in the skin at point A. The cannula or needle is inserted into place, following a predetermined path under the skin, and then the thread is pulled until it reaches point B, at which point it either stops or exits. Afterwards, he removes the cannula and massages the area where the cones and barbs are located to help them latch on.

Despite the allure of a thread lift, it isn't appropriate for everyone. With this in mind, we should not expect significant adjustments because of any repercussions. Although the result is undeniably better, the procedure is not the same as a complete facelift.

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