Thermage Skin Tightening in Kuwait
Mar 18, 2022

The Thermage® system is a non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) therapy that can help smooth, tighten and contour skin for an overall younger-looking appearance. Thermage works without Surgery or Injections. One quick treatment (30 to 90 minutes depending on the treatment area) can deliver outstanding results for most patients.

Integrated cooling with pulsed RF and vibration aids patient comfort. The Thermage® FLX system incorporates vibration on the face and body treatments, which has been shown to help aid in patient comfort. You’ll feel a brief heating sensation when the treatment device’s tip touches your skin, followed by a cooling sensation to help protect your skin and minimize any discomfort.

There is little to No Downtime patients can go right back to life as usual –no need to miss work or fun. Results are lasting and improve over time. However, some patients have temporary redness or minor swelling after treatment, but this usually goes away within 24 hours.

For most patients, measurable results appear gradually in the two to six months following a single treatment session and can last for 1-2 years depending on your skin condition and aging process. However, it is recommended by physicians thermage be used as part of an annual skin rejuvenation maintenance program.

Thermage can be used to treat multiple areas, treating wrinkles and loose skin on the face, around the eyes and on the body. Unlike many cosmetic procedures requiring multiple sessions, Thermage FLX delivers results after a single treatment.