The Rise of Thread Lifts: New Technology and Techniques
Apr 27, 2022

Until recently, the only approach to treat issues caused by facial skin laxity – such as jowls and sagging cheeks – was to undergo facelift surgery. There are some patients who prefer to wait until they need a facelift surgery before opting for injectables and skin resurfacing, but this isn't the case for everyone. To fill in the gap between non-invasive facial rejuvenation and facelift surgery, a new method has been developed: the thread lift treatment. In the aesthetics market, minimally invasive procedures are in high demand because people want to reverse the ageing process without any discomfort or recovery time. As a result of this demand, thread lift treatments are now available on the market. As compared to breast lift and other surgeries, demand for facelifts is much higher.

In a thread lift, temporary sutures are utilised to raise the skin just enough to be noticeable. The cosmetic surgeon suspends the patient's loose face skin rather of physically removing it. Lifting and tightening the face can be achieved by using a special thread method that pulls the skin back slightly. PDO threads are placed subcutaneously and then pulled to provide the desired skin lift result in a shorter treatment type that concentrates on the lower face. Generally, threadlift is used to lift the mid-to-lower face and jowls, although it may also be used to raise the brows and checks.



Thread lifting is a procedure that may be performed on both patients who require filler and patients who do not, but who only require slimming and upward and backward traction, do not require filler or surgery. In terms of non-surgical face rejuvenation, it's a huge step forward from fillers and surgery together.

Due to the expanding popularity of non-invasive cosmetic rejuvenation procedures, thread lifts have recently undergone a slew of revisions and improvements. Thread lifting is a new fad in the business since it allows for immediate facial lifting with results that seem natural. There have been several versions of permanent threads that have proven challenging to deal with, and many of the techniques used were one-directional.


Thread lifts are revolutionising the market because of their quick lifting and natural effects. Due to advances in medical technology, thread lifts are once again being used as a viable aesthetic treatment option, both on their own and in conjunction with other cosmetic rejuvenation procedures. Unlike ordinary threads that have their barbs cut into the thread, those used for thread lifting contain cogs or barbs that are moulded into the thread. Incorporating this moulding method makes the thread more durable and less prone to break after being put into the body.

For the first time, FDA has approved PDO absorbable threads, comprised of a sterile, biodegradable, mono-filament synthetic polymer.





As a result, thread lifting has the potential to create a paradigm change in the field of cosmetic rejuvenation. The results were inconclusive, with the possibility of asymmetry or rippling in the data. At LA Cosmetique Royale, we use the latest thread lift technology in Kuwait to create cutting-edge patterns that can lift and move the skin in order to shape the face. When utilised in conjunction with other skin rejuvenation procedures, patients have a rejuvenated and natural appearance.

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If you want the greatest thread lift service in Kuwait, go no farther than LA Cosmetique. Lifting is a side effect of the threads, but they also stimulate collagen formation as a healing reaction. Patients will notice a gradual improvement in their skin's tone and firmness as the threads disintegrate over time.

We provide our customers with a one-on-one consultation with a prominent plastic surgeon in Kuwait to choose the best Thread lift technique for them. Our doctor will do a presurgical evaluation before to the Thread lift procedure. The patients will also be given injections or topical anaesthetics. The preloaded thread is inserted into a large needle or cannula. At point A, a skin incision is made using a scalpel or needle after the "pilot hole" is made. In this procedure, the needle is put into the skin and the thread is drawn until it reaches a predefined point B under the skin, at which point it either stops or departs. After the cannula has been removed, the surgeon massages the region where the cones and barbs are placed to assist them adhere to the tissue.

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