Symptoms of Hair Loss in Men
Aug 4, 2022

You’re not alone if you think your hairline is receding every time you look in your mirror. Studies have shown that more than half of men aged 50 or older have signs of hair loss, which increases to 4 out of 5 by the age of 70. What is the reason, you may ask? Usually, it depends on genetics, but there are other factors like medical issues, stress, infections, immune system, and more that cause hair loss in men. If you want to learn about whether you are facing hair loss symptoms and how you can prevent it from happening, this blog will give you the detailed information. Read on to find out.

Changes In Hairline:

Male pattern baldness often starts at the hairline. Hair loss typically starts to recede in an “M” shape, from the forehead and around the temples. It can also thin at the crown, near the top of the head. Since it is difficult to spot the changes, we suggest you take a side-by-side photo comparison. The photo should be taken in the same lighting, a few days apart. If you notice slight changes in the hairline in your recent photo, then you are experiencing hair loss. You can consult with your doctor and get it treated. If you want, then you can visit our wellness clinic for the best hair loss treatment for men in Kuwait.





Thinning of Hair:

The hairline isn’t always the starting point for a male baldness pattern. For some people, it could also result from thinning hair in the scalp or other areas. It can occur anywhere, but the crown area is one of the prominent ones that is easily noticed. It could be a little difficult to spot the change, so again, try the photo method technique as we mentioned earlier. You can begin to take photos every month to notice the difference.

Hair loss After Shower or Brush:

Seeing a few strands after you wash your hair or brush is entirely normal. It is said that an average person loses 100 hairs per day. But if you are experiencing more than the usual hair loss, that is a bit of a concern. You can visit a doctor and identify the root cause of hair loss. You will get an idea of the kind of treatment you may want for treating your hair.

Are you experiencing any signs of hair loss? If your answer is yes, you may be a victim of male pattern baldness. Don’t worry; this happens to many people, and the earlier you take action, the sooner you will prevent it from happening. Find out how La Cosmetique Royale can help you prevent it.



Many men suffer from different kinds of issues, which can significantly affect hair loss. Our male wellness clinic offers confidential advice and treatment for matters related to hair loss and more. We take proper consultation and help you with the treatment. For more details on hair loss treatment in our clinic, visit our site.