reasons why people get plastic surgery
Feb 21, 2022

Despite the new era of body positivity, size and age acceptance, cosmetic procedures are on the rise year on year, especially over five consecutive years. Although trends in the size and aesthetic appearance change cosmetic surgery and beauty, people are still smoothing, shrinking, nipping and tucking as much as ever.

Some leading plastic surgeons suggest that the growth of cosmetic surgery may be down to the rise in social media and photography apps. The plethora of enhancement apps can change our appearance to make us look as slimmer, younger, and flawless as we want; we are constantly self-scrutiny and looking for ways to look like we do in our enhanced photos.

Another plastic surgeon said it was because “it’s become more socially acceptable to have surgery now, and some even consider it a status symbol posting their post-surgery recovery room photos on their social media. Others suggest it’s because of the technology advances and surgical devices that give faster better results, like the VASER liposuction or the J Plasma that tightens the skin during surgical procedures”.

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Financing options are more readily available these days, with many surgeons and hospitals providing easy payment schemes. Some people have progressed from minor, aesthetic procedures like Botox and dermal fillers to needing more intervention. Then, of course, some people feel a renewed sense of self-confidence.

ABC News recently reported that despite the Corona Virus, demands for plastic surgery are still on the rise, claiming that even non-surgical procedures like Botox are in huge demand and have been throughout the pandemic. Since Doctors’ offices have reopened for business post lockdown, the most in-demand plastic surgeries are breast augmentations and tummy tucks (Farber, 2020). According to one Californian Plastic surgeon, “People who are forced to stay at home and connect to friends and family via video calls, are more aware of their appearance wanting to feel better about themselves”.

Mental health professionals are concerned about the effect of the pandemic on people’s self-esteem. An article published by the BBC, Meeson,(2020) suggests a new phenomenon called the “Zoom Boom” impelling both men and women to get cosmetic procedures due to the way they see themselves on the video calls. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons claimed “a seventy per cent increase in virtual consultations with cosmetic surgeons, all from people planning new procedures once elective surgeries were once again permitted”.

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Based on this recent research, it’s not difficult to see the massive demand for cosmetic or plastic surgery even in the wake of COVID-19. So, if you are one of the many considering a procedure for whatever reason, the next step is to do your research as much as possible. Once you have narrowed down a couple of surgeons, please do your due diligence and check out their credentials; it’s also worth considering their speciality and whether they are plastic or cosmetic surgeons.


by Lynda Naji