Is Acne Scar Laser Treatment Permanent
Aug 11, 2022

The laser treatment's durability is determined by how well it works. If you use the appropriate laser setting for your skin type, laser therapy can effectively cure acne scars.

Lasers are now used as an operative treatment for acne scars. While some are used to treat atrophic acne scars, others are best for treating painful and itchy hypertrophic acne scars. Given the prevalence of acne in the population, it is not surprising that people seek laser treatment to combat acne scars beyond the traditional ways of treatment. Acne sufferers generally use laser resurfacing as a treatment. However, the real question is whether it works, how long it lasts, and whether it is painful. Read on to find more about the permanence of laser treatment.

Is Laser Acne Scar Removal Treatment Permanent?

The effectiveness of the laser treatment determines its permanence. Laser treatment can effectively treat acne scars if you use the proper setting for your skin. Dermatologists work by causing definite injuries to the layers of the skin, which causes the body to produce more healthy cells. This technique improves the skin's appearance and helps fade the scars.

Laser treatment is more successful on mild and moderate acne scars. Remember that laser treatment can reduce the appearance of scars, making them less visible. It might never be eradicated. To explain this in an easy term, we would say that it involves the replacement of one scar with another tiny spot. Immediately after the treatment, your skin might appear worse. The laser beams cause wounds, but you don't have to worry, they will heal as soon as a new layer of cells emerges on the surface. It reveals a much more beautiful skin appearance. Before proceeding with the procedures, a well-trained and certified dermatologist will explain everything in detail. If you are looking for acne scar removal treatment in Kuwait, come to La Cosmetique Royale.

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How Many Laser Treatments Do You Need to Get Rid of Acne Scar Tissue?

Any dermatologist will tell you that you need 3 to 5 sessions to remove your acne scar tissue. They ensure your skin is healed enough for other procedures after every treatment. If visiting any hospital for acne scar removal treatment in Kuwait, ensure you get detailed information about the journey and any side effects.

Things To Note:

People have different experiences with lasers. There aren't many studies on patient satisfaction, but most reviews, testimonials, and surveys have claimed more than ninety percent positive outcomes. Some research on fractional laser, a type of laser treatment, reported that it works best for boxcar and rolling scars and is less effective for deep scars.

Patients can expect 50 to 80 percent of improvement in their skin. Although it is an excellent tool for skin rejuvenation, it is still not 100 percent effective. Have explicit knowledge about it by consulting a dermatologist before you go forward with decisions. Make sure the skincare routine is followed correctly before and after laser treatment. Also, take advice on what medications or products to use for getting excellent results.

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