How Plastic Surgery Differs from Cosmetic Surgery
Sep 5, 2022

Due to their similarities, people frequently mix up cosmetic and plastic surgery. There is a little difference in the reasons why it is done even though both depend on similar situations.

People often confuse cosmetic surgery with plastic surgery due to their similarities. Even if both depend on similar circumstances, there is still a slight difference in why it’s done. Cosmetic surgery is a part of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is divided into reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery.Cosmetic surgery enhances your appearance, whereas reconstructive surgery, which involves microsurgery, hand, and craniofacial surgery, helps treat burns or injury marks caused by an accident. In short, the goal of cosmetic surgery is to beautify, while the purpose of plastic surgery is to reconstruct an affected part of the body. In fact, there’s more to it, so if you’re interested, keep on reading.

What Is the Main Purpose of Cosmetic Surgery?

The main purpose is to enhance or beautify your appearance. Performed by expert surgeons, it involves all the procedures, techniques, and tools used only to improvise a feature. By getting this procedure done, you perfect the proportion, symmetry, or physical appeal of a part of your body. This procedure can be done to any part of your body which includes, the nose, head, or neck. Cosmetic surgery is usually a permissive choice made by the person upon careful research.

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Cosmetic surgery


Types of Procedures Under Cosmetic Surgery:

  • Blepharoplasty - To lift your eyelids and give a youthful appearance
  • Breast Enhancement - It constitutes of enlargement, reduction, and lifting
  • Body's Facial Contouring - It is performed to enhance a feature to give a better appeal
  • Skin Treatment - Involves Botox, filler treatment, or laser resurfacing to improve the aging
  • Facial Rejuvenation - It involves all kinds of lifting treatments to enhance the appearance

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What Is the Main Purpose of Plastic Surgery?

The main purpose of plastic surgery is to bring back the natural feature which got hampered by the injury and to restore normal functions of the body part. It is usually performed to improve the body’s flaws after birth, injury, illness, or other suffering. Here the surgeons perform this treatment to reconstruct and help the dysfunctional feature of the body to work normally.

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Types of Procedures Under Plastic Surgery:

  • Repairing Treatments - Burn, hand, or other body parts
  • Congenital Deformities - Repairing cleft palate or extra digital appendages etc.
  • Lower Extremity Reconstruction - Involves functional restoration
  • Scar Revision Surgery - To improve the appearance of scars

Though cosmetic surgery and plastic go hand in hand and are performed to improve a feature of your body, the overall treatment, goals, research work, training and results are entirely different. Each has its own variation and is developed with a different set of procedures. Hence, choosing the right surgeon plays a crucial role, after all, it’s your face and body.

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