Current beauty trends in the middle East
Nov 26, 2021

Beauty trends to look out for right now include

1: The holistic approach to beauty. Mind, body and soul incorporates self-care and wellness programs that focus on bringing calm and inner peace to the person.

2: Stress, environmental pollution and harsh skin care products can all upset the natural balance, leading to aging and health issues. Instead focus on relaxation, taking time to pamper yourself with natural skincare products and look after your diet and fitness.

  • Make-up is making a big comeback after the Covid stay at home pajamas look! The five trends to look out for next season are:
  • The statement Blush, applying to the cheeks temples and eyelids
  • Neon eye shadows, bright flashy and bold colors’ to adorn your eyelids, but over 40s beware, the look doesn’t suit everyone.
  • Glossy lips are back, along with the classic red lipsticks
  • Coordinating your make-up with your clothes, for example blue eye shadow to match your blue sweater or red lipstick to match your red dress.
  • Embellished eyes, stick on crystals, metal foil and glitzy lashes could be the new “Going out look”

3: Creating the perfect smile. Teeth whitening and oral healthcare. Look out for 3D printing in dentistry allowing crowns, dentures, bridges and teeth aligners to be produced at a lower cost meaning cosmetic dentistry will be accessible to more people.

4: The usual BOTOX, Dermal Fillers and Laser treatments will continue to be popular and more money will likely be spend on surgical treatments and gym memberships as people are now trying to look and feel themselves as some kind of normality ensues.

By: Lynda Naji Business development manager and Creative writer

Royale hayat hospital Kuwait.