Causes of hairloss in men & their treatments
May 25, 2022

Hair loss is an inevitable part of ageing for most men because genetics plays an essential role in hair loss. Here you find some causes and treatments for hair loss.

As men age, their hair may thin or change its pattern. Sometimes hair loss is sudden, dramatic, or abnormal. This hair loss can signal a medical condition.

Hair loss is an inevitable part of ageing for most men because genetics plays an essential role in hair loss.

However, plenty of additional factors may play a role, many of which are preventable or at least manageable. Hair loss in men is caused by an array of reasons, including:

1. A Hormonal Imbalance:

At least partially, testosterone may be responsible for hair loss. This is because the essential male hormone is converted into dihydrotestosterone hormone in men's scalps (DHT). DHT is the hair loss hormone because it can cause follicles to shrink and eventually cease producing hair. This phenomenon is commonly called "miniaturization" and is primarily attributed to genetics.





2. Itchy Scaly Hairs

Hair loss is a common symptom of the autoimmune disease alopecia areata. Hair follicles are attacked by the body's immune system, harming their ability to grow hair. Hair loss and baldness can occur anywhere there is hair on the body, but it is most noticeable on the scalp because of this condition.

3. Age

Age slows men's hair growth as hair follicles shrink and hair thins. As they shrink, hair growth stops, causing baldness.

4. Medication Side Effects

Hair loss is a possible side effect of some medications and treatments. That includes medicines for cancer, hypertension, arthritis, depression, and heart disease. Loss of hair has long been reported as a side effect of radiation therapy (chemotherapy, etc.).

5. Life is up to you

Hair thinning has been linked to diets low in protein, iron, and other essential vitamins and nutrients, while smoking is thought to hasten the onset of male pattern baldness. According to some research, a lack of nutrients can lead to hair loss if you gain or lose weight too quickly.



Loss of hair prevention

You can do a few things to prevent or reverse hair loss and baldness, but it's impossible to avoid or change it altogether. When it comes to the best hair loss treatment, Kuwait has plenty of options. These are a few examples:

1. Good Hair Care

These two things may be linked if you regularly harm your hair and notice hair loss. Reduce the bleach, hot oil treatments, or curling irons you use and observe the results. In addition, avoid exposing your hair to the sun or other ultraviolet light sources for extensive periods if possible.

2. Examine Your Medication.

One of the many possible causes of hair loss is certain medications. If you're experiencing hair loss or alopecia, it may be because of your medication. Talk to your doctor about alternatives that are both safe and effective.

3. De-Stress

Stress has been linked to hair loss in medical studies in the past. Meditating can be an excellent way to relieve some of the stress in your life. Meditation and yoga, for example, are stress-relieving practise that also helps to restore a healthy hormonal balance.

Hair loss can be prevented in many ways, including using gentler products on your hair, increasing your intake of specific vitamins and nutrients, and avoiding friction.

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