Breast Implant Surgery Recovery Precautions
May 23, 2022

Getting breast implants in Kuwait can be an exhilarating experience. Are you making a comeback from one? While some women can return to normal activities relatively quickly, others are sidelined for at least a week. Prepare yourself for the breast augmentation recovery time that has been allotted to you. We have compiled a list of the most essential breast augmentation recovery tips to help you avoid post-operative complications (such as swelling and constipation!) and make your recovery time more bearable. Breast augmentation recovery goes hand in hand with post-operative care to a large extent.





Stay away from exercising.

To shorten the time, it takes to recover from breast implant surgery, the next important step is to refrain from strenuous exercise for approximately one month after the procedure. This is due to the tenderness, swelling, and redness found around the surgical incision. These symptoms can worsen by exercises, which can also cause excessive pressure to be placed on the upper part of the body.

Take good care of your sleeping habits.

Women who have undergone breast augmentation surgery should avoid sleeping face-down for the first six weeks following their procedure. This could lead to sagging breasts because the implant could dislocate due to too much wear and tear. You should avoid sleeping on your side for at least two or three weeks after the procedure. This is how the implants are held so they don't shift to the side.

Watch it carefully.

The best way to ensure a speedy recovery from breast augmentation surgery is to conduct routine screenings. The frequency of mammogram tests following breast implants should be discussed with your surgeon. If any abnormalities are found, the surgeon can recommend ways to speed up recoveries, such as using surgical bras or breast support bandages.



Do not combat germs

For several weeks following surgery, avoid going to public pools and spas. You'll be in for a nightmare if bacteria get into the incision wound, so be careful. Take short showers with warm water on your chest to speed up the healing process.



Take your medicine as prescribed.

Be sure to take the medications exactly as the surgeon ordered and apply the ointments as directed. It is imperative that the cosmetic surgeon's recommended precautions be adhered to and that any necessary antibiotics and anesthetics be consumed.

You can expect better results from your breast augmentation surgery if you follow all the tips listed above for recovery. The lack of knowledge often leads to misconceptions and the resulting mistakes. Breast implants are not indestructible, so you should be prepared to undergo revisions or replacements in the future.

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