Aesthetic Cosmetology

At La Cosmetique Royale, we have a wide range of facial treatments for all skin types and all desired outcomes. Our professional medical aestheticians are very experienced in assessing your skin type and recommending the perfect skin care solution for both clinic and at home treatments. Alternatively you can choose from our wide range of professional services listed below.
Our Team

Royale VIP Facial

Truly unique, when you want to feel pampered, this 90 minute facial will leave you feeling totally invigorated, your skin will be rejuvenated, lifted and glowing. This very Special facial includes exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, massage to encourage oxygenation to the skin, no needle Mesotherapy to infuse active ingredients to repair damage and initiate collagen production. Finished with our signature face mask and LED chromo therapy. The ultimate facial experience.


Royale Signature Facial

Starting with a proper skin analysis to identify your problem areas or to choose the best products for your particular skin type, you can be sure this facial is uniquely tailored to you. 60 minutes of effective skin treatments will keep your skin in optimum condition for each season of the year.


Royale Anti-Aging Facial

As we age our skin becomes more delicate, lines and wrinkles start to appear, the skin can become dull and sallow, muscle deteriorates and skin starts to sag. Our anti-aging facial address each one of these issues over a 60 minute procedure. We can devise the correct treatment plan to revive your skin and significantly improve its appearance over time.


Royale Anti-acne and Healing Facial

Acne is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition that causes spots and pimples, especially on the face, shoulders, back, neck, and chest. The first step is proper analysis of the skin to establish what kind of acne you have, what stage it is in and whether you need to take medication or not. After that we have to address the root cause of the acne and treat it. Our treatments help destroy the bacteria that cause the spots, heal the skin and address post acne scarring.


Royale Whitening and Brightening Facial

Sun damage, environmental and hormonal issues can all cause hyperpigmentation or melasma on the skin as can trauma, this results in unwanted dark or discolored patches on the skin. Our treatment focuses on promoting depigmentation and inhibiting of melanin synthesis with the correct homecare. Our procedures help stimulate cellular renewal to promote even skin tone and texture.


Royale Lifting and Toning Facial

This unique facial particularly addresses loss of muscle tone and laxity of the skin. Using micro-current, electroporation and Radio frequency we can improve the look and condition of the skin.


Deep Cleansing Facial

An ageless classic that never goes out of trend. Our deep cleansing facial helps remove buildup of dead skin cells, remove blackheads and milia. With the correct home care we can regulate sebum production keeping the skin clean and healthy.


Royale Aroma Massage Facial

The most natural and relaxing treatment for those who like Organic lifestyles. Starting with a gentle cleanse, we go on to use a blend of pure essential oils to promote wellbeing and balance, a relaxing facial massage drains toxins away from the skin and allows the powerful nature of pure essential oils to work their magic. You will feel distressed, invigorated and leave with a beautiful glowing skin.


Bridal Package

Four special facials one per week leading up to your wedding on special event. Week 1 will be a deep cleansing facial to prepare your skin, week 2 will be our signature facial to infuse vitamins and active ingredients, week 3 our whitening and brightening facial will address dark or dull areas of the skin and finally week 4 our Anti-aging facial will tighten and tone the skin leaving it in peak condition for your special day.


Royale Eye Treatment

Lighten dark circles and puffiness around the delicate eye area, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and hydrate dry.


Royale Hands Treatment

We choose individual and specific peeling treatment to improve the colour and texture of your hands. Dermal fillers and skin boosters may be recommended in some instances.


Elbows and Knees

An initial consultation is required to establish the best course of action, either a course of chemical peels or a De-pigmentation program with home care


In addition to the above procedures our clinical aestheticians are trained and experienced in many other treatments including HIFU, Radiofrequency, and Mesotherapy, Laser and peeling treatments. Professional skin analysis is offered to all our aestheticians patients.