The effect of your diet on your health and beauty
Dec 16, 2021

This article will focus on MICROBIOME, what it is and why it's essential for our health, wellbeing and beauty. So what is the Microbiome, and why is it important?

The human body is host to trillions of bacteria or microbes; whilst some can be harmful many are very useful and even essential to good health. The scientific explanation is a little complex; basically, a symbiotic association exists between 10 trillion and 100 trillion microbial cells in every human being. As long as the body is healthy, this benefits both the microorganisms and their hosts. According to estimates, the human microbiota may contain approximately 1,000 different types of bacterium. In layman's terms, good bacteria in the stomach are vital to good health. Nutrition, immunity, and effects on the brain and behaviour are all influenced by the Microbiome, an imbalance linked to several health disorders caused by a disruption of normal cell functioning.

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The Microbiome has long since been known to have an effect on health. According to nutrition expert Dr Rodney Berg, 1996 "The indigenous gastrointestinal tract microflora profoundly impacts the host's anatomical, physiological, and immunological development. Furthermore, The indigenous microflora stimulates the host immune system to respond more quickly to pathogens. " (MacGill, 2018). In other words, each person's gut microbiome is distinct. It can significantly impact how a person fights sickness, digests food, and even feels and thinks. Furthermore, there is a direct link between the gut and the entire body's organs, especially the skin.

So how is the Microbiome related to our beauty? Apart from the benefits of a healthy gut in cellular function, the skin has its own unique Microbiome. The skin microbiota comprises millions of bacteria, fungi, and viruses that make up its distinct ecosystem. However, when it comes to skincare, bacteria has traditionally been seen as something to be avoided. In scientific circles, this narrative is beginning to shift. Today, the skin microbiome is increasingly regarded as the key to improving skin appearance, rather than only treating the symptoms of skin problems.

Many beauty product manufacturers are now starting to offer skincare formulations incorporating prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics to help "rebalance" the skin's Microbiome or battle the bacteria thought to be connected with specific skin problems. Many of these companies claim that their formulas may help clear up problem skin and relieve sensitive skin.

So with science moving forward and focusing on the skincare microbiome, what can we expect over the coming few years? Well, Personalization (i.e., skin microbiome, DNA analysis) will become increasingly particular, accurate, and affordable as technology is leveraged to bridge the gap between customers and businesses."

According to Euromonitor, "DNA-based personalisation is being used to discover skin inadequacies but is still in experimental stages," and other technologies, such as DNA testing to produce beauty products, are still in the early stages.

So while we are waiting for the perfect Personalised skincare product, let's focus on a healthy gut. Eating a balanced diet of fresh produce, free from additives, chemicals, and herbicides, will go a long way to improving gut health, and therefore full-body benefits. Probiotics can also increase the natural and good bacteria we need for our immune system.

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Article by Lynda Naji RHH Kuwait.