Improve Acne Scars with Fillers
Sep 27, 2022

Moderate to severe acne scars can be significantly diminished in appearance using dermal fillers. Find out more about acne scar fillers.

Although filler is commonly associated with wrinkle smoothing and getting fuller lips, it turns out that it can be useful for treating acne scars too. People who struggle with cystic acne scars know how troublesome and difficult it is to get rid of them. As a result, we have curated a list of everything from basic to advanced cosmetic fillers that aid in improving acne scars. Continue reading to learn more about the fillers and how they can help you improve your acne scars.

Types of Fillers for Acne Scars

Acne can sometimes leave behind dreadful scars. Fillers for acne scars help to conceal these scars and give you a smoother appearance. It can help you regain your confidence and achieve radiant skin. However, there are many types of fillers on the market, and selecting the one for your acne scars depends on the severity, type, requirement, and other aspects. For better understanding, we have provided you with a few examples of different types of fillers and how they work on your skin.

acne scar removal


acne scar removal treatment


Bellafil Fillers:

Bellafill contains collagen, which helps to add volume and lift the skin while making scars less visible. With time, the collagen reabsorbs into the body, but the PMMA microspheres remain still. As a result, it helps in providing structure and support to your skin and allows collagen to develop more. When compared to other types of fillers, it makes your skin feel smoother for a longer period. If you are looking for Bellafill skin fillers in Kuwait, LA Cosmetique Royale is the best one to provide you with advanced treatment by a celebrity cosmetic dermatologist.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers:

After injecting hyaluronic acid, these fillers help to plump the skin while raising and smoothing indented areas, caused by acne scars. However, it is important to note that these are not long- term and that you will need to return for treatment every few months to maintain the same results.

acne scars with fillers


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Sculptra, another type of filler, is also said to be very effective in treating acne scars. Unlike other fillers, it does not immediately plump your skin. Instead, it stimulates the skin’s collagen production and, over a period, reduces the appearance of acne scars.

Autologous Fat Transfer

This is a procedure in which fat is transferred from one area of your body and injected to fill in acne scars on your face. For fat to survive in a new location, it needs to redevelop a blood supply. Usually, half of the person’s fat can do this. Once this is done, the fat stays permanently.

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